Monday, September 6, 2010

Delhi Hotels for Setting up a New Culture

Nobody can deny that Delhi is cut above the rest in all aspects with antiquity and modernity back up each other perpetually. People are flowing in from various nook and corners of the world for various purposes like business, sightseeing and other entertainments. A positive review of this phenomenon by a group of smart entrepreneurs has given birth to many of the renowned hotels in the capital. Delhi hotels are rich in looks supported by traditional norms of hospitality.

Since I was a bit low on budget this time when I visited Delhi, I thought budget hotels are the best way out for me. I looked up the list online and let me tell you I was amazed at such splendid offers. I was soon able to choose a hotel that fitted in my shoe-string budget. But more pleasant surprises were waiting for me. I didn’t expect out of the way service or anything like that due to my preconceived notions about budget hotels in delhi.

The staffs were very friendly and were really interested in your comfort. You can reach them any time. The hotel I chose was not behind any luxurious lodging with all the facilities and amenities at call’s distance. The spectacular furnishing and awesome infrastructure do not make you feel alien at all. Hats off to Delhi hotels for setting up a new culture and for carving a new niche for themselves in Indian tourism!

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